Erik Værbak is a danish painter born in 1958 in the city Nykøbing Falster in Denmark. Autodidact combined with training and mentoring by artists educated at Danish academies of fine art in Denmark.

Futhermore master of law and studies in journalism. Through the ages we beyond comparison find artists with a background as lawyer, for instance Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Gaugain and Pierre Bonnard.


Erik Værbak widely fetches his inspiration from journeys and stays abroad, particularly Italy (Anticoli Corrado – a famous, historic community frequently visited by artists for example the danish painter Peter Ilsted). In addition France and the community Combret in southern France. Last but not the least Saint-Rémy–de-Provence has to be emphasised. Erik Værbak has followed the footsteps of the artist Vincent Van Gogh and visited the locations widely representing settings for his paintings, including the Saint-Poul Asylum, Saint-Rémy, a mental hospital where Van Gogh more times hospitalized himself. More of Erik Værbaks paintings reflects the self-same spots.

Spain, particularly Andalusia has also inspired to a range of Erik Værbaks artworks.

Denmark is also to be mentioned as inspiring source, not at least Bornholm og Gedser. Likewise artworks created in a former studio at the danish estate Vennerslund on the island Falster.

East Germany (the former DDR) must absolutely also be emphasized. It has been the base for several of Erik Værbaks works – hereby in-depth cultural and artistic stays in Weimar, Dessau, Lutherstadt et al.


Erik Værbak has expressed himself trough the art for more than 30 years with painting as the preferred medium.

Consistent materials are acrylic, gouache and watercolor on canvas and paper e.g. copper painting paper combined with charcoal, chinaink and pencil. Likewise Erik Værbak has studied and applied old techniques such as foundation of cast to paintings.


Erik Værbak states on his artworks: ”Every work has its own life and language, though a family relation between the works can be tracked in series and themes. The viewer is left with freedom to experience and interpretate the works in question. In other words manuals are not available. Otherwise we are not speaking of independent visual art”.

Uncertainty engraves my perception of the artistic process. No one has conceived it better than Vincent van Gogh: “If you hear a voice within you say you cannot paint, then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.”

Art is so much more than canvas.